Timing Belts

Timing Belts are especially manufactured for speedy drives with improved production material. Our selected brands and belts are with properties that results in great performance.

Available Types of Timing Belts

Types: L | XL | MXL | XH | XXH | T5 | 2M |S2M | 3M | S3M | 5M | S5M | 8M | S8M | T10 | T20 and others

Timing Belts Brands Available

Brands: Opti | Bando | Gates | Goodyear | Brecoflex and Chinese as well as Korean too

Our stock is satisfactory to avail both European & Chinese PU & Rubber Belts. Our belts are cotton & Teflon threaded to give it better life & work effectively in different environment.

Timing Belt is the best to transfers Power from one pulley to another without loosing grip, usually where lack. PU belts are with SS Wired for better belt life. PU has been introduce to heavy loaded machinery.