Leather Transmission Belts or Lexicon Belt or Leather Belt is designed for high-speed and load bearing machines. Usually belt get warm at high-speed and slips from shafts too.

We have leather belting for Paper, Board & Pulp Mill | Match & Tobacco Industries | Wood (Ply wood/ Chip board) Industries | Textile (Spinning, Weaving) | Cement,  Chemicals and Floor | Printing & Packaging | Rubber | Tire | Automotive | Coal and many others.

Imported Leather Transmission belt from Habasit-Switzerland | Ammeraal Beltech-Switzerland | VIS-Germany | Forbo Siegling-Germany. These belt requires less power. Especially made to maintain constant RPM even on small pulley diameter. Leather Transmission belts treats bearing or bushes gently. They are vibration free which indirectly reduces manufacturing cost of produced goods.

We also offer on site joints services, V-Belts, Carrier Sidewall Conveyor Belts, Conveyor Belts and other Belts.