Carrier Sidewall Conveyor Solution

Carrier Sidewall Conveyor Belt is customized belt. Some times molded belt is harder to arrange because of its specific requirements with Cleat & Sidewall thickness, height and Space or distance between both cleats or sidewall conveyor belt.

Indenting World Enterprises  offers different designs of Carrier & Sidewall with different heights & widths options. We love to solve Customer’s problem. Our customer is our top priority.

We do bond or paste it on PVC Conveyor, PU Conveyor, Food Conveyor, Rubber Conveyor and other belts. In some cases we can also provide Europe molded belts. If you are looking for right belt supplier in Pakistan. Try Us once & our regular customer.

How We make Carrier Sidewall Conveyor Belt ?


We use European Countries imported adhesives. There is Zero percentage of failure. Our locally fabricated carriers, sidewall and buckets are running in many industries to transfers lighter (Packaging, Textile, Food or Pharmaceutical industries) to heaviest weights (Paper, Board, Pulp & Recycling industries).

We are not only supplier but also technical experts in this field of business and work under Foreign Trained man supervision. Our trained staff bond carrier & sidewall as per customer requirements using Hot & Cold Jointing method with and without machinery. We also test Carrier Sidewall bonding within reasonable tension, pressure or load.